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For years, our guests have been asking us to run chocolate classes, but we've held off until now because we operate in such a small space and as a start-up, we were still feeling our way (and we still have a lot to learn about retailing).

Classes are generally limited to four persons at a time and cost $180 per person (though we sometimes have specials, so call and ask).  You will need to organize your own group as we've found that schedules often change and trying to coordinate individuals or couples takes way too much time from our production schedule.  Classes run at least four hours, allow five if you can, and consist of about an hour of cognitive training, and about three hours of psychomotor training.  Students should wear closed-toe footwear and be prepared to be on their feet pretty much the entire time.  

Students are welcome to bring their own choice of beverage, alcoholic or otherwise  to supplement the bubbly we provide (though consumption of alcohol, for safety reasons, will generally be limited to certain areas and times).

Students should walk away with a basic understanding of how to temper chocolate (create the right crystal form; you want diamonds, not lumps of coal, right?)  in at least two ways and how to formulate ganache (used for soft centers, truffles, & bonbons) which they learn to pipe, roll, precoat and dip truffles. For your comfort and safety it is vital that you let us know ahead of time if you have have allergies to certain foods.   In some instances we can make reasonable accommodations or group you with others in the same circumstances.  Students will take home some samples of the work done in the class, and of course, nibble along the way.

How to Book:  Organize your group (four to five persons for classes, up to six for other adult events, up to ten for kids' birthday parties).  Then,  text us at (860) 759-2222  (or call, if you do not have the ability to text) and let us know your preferences as to date and time.  We generally schedule classes on Sundays at 1pm, but we can be flexible. 

Birthday Parties:  Kid's birthday parties generally run about two hours for about $25 pp with a $200 minimum because of the amount of  preparation and cleanup involved.  Pizza and cake can also be arranged, if desired.  

Tours, Ladies Nights:  We no longer offer "canned" tours and tastings, though we will continue to honor all outstanding certificates.  We found that though most of our guests loved our tours, some had expectations we simply could not meet.  So instead, we now encourage visitors to form their own groups, whether for a Ladies' Night Out or just a fun, family outing.  Call or text us, and we will collaborate with you to create the kind of event you envision.  In general, adult events run about $50pp with a $200 minimum, again because of the preparation and cleanup involved. Because of tight space, we recommend adult events involve six persons max unless you're all friends and used to rubbing elbows.

Education:  We already work with a number of schools, colleges and universities to help make math, science and history interesting.  We also work with scouts.  Just contact us, and we can arrange for your group to come here, or when transportation budgets or logistics are difficult, we can sometimes come to you. Education is one of our core missions; many of our staff move on to food science and similar culinary careers.  In some instances we can offer a reduced rate, but aside from an occasional exception, still with a $200 minimum so that we at least can cover prep and cleanup.

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