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"Tschudin Chocolate Experience"  Tschudin Chocolates is a wonderful experience. I walk in for a chocolate or two with my daughter and came out with a Junior Chocolatier and I'm a devoted fan. The chocolate is devine and sometimes exotic. There is always a wide variety for all chocolate tastes. From the Paillette Feuilltines ( they are dark chocolate with a crunchy center), to the Ras el Hanut (an exotic mix of indian spices) . The Chef and staff welcome you with a smile and even are known to give "Willie Wonka" tours to young and old alike. Chef has said, he is not selling just chocolates, he is "selling an experience." Well my daughter and I are very glad we have had the Tschudin experience! 

-Frank Salerno


"Creamy Dreamy Chocolate" Tschudin Chocolates is Heaven on Main Street in Middletown. The flavorings and spice mixtures to be found there are unlike any chocolate shop I've visited. Try the Marrakesh Mysteries. They are flavored with an exotic Moroccan spice mixture purchased fresh and direct from the Marrakesh medina - try to find THAT at Godiva's!! Just opened in the Spring of 2009, the store is still "undiscovered". Get there before the crowd!! 

- Alice Lamont

The Wesleyan Argus-



Delightful selection of delicious gourmet chocolates. A "must visit" after lunch in downtown Middletown!

- Karen

Tschudin chocolate is always a stop for me when I'm either alone or with friends. The chocolate is very food and all handmade. The owner Rob is always super friendly and concocting some deliciousness in the kitchen. A foodie friend and I were able to hang out with Rob and have some fresh streudel. This little shop adds some much needed character in an already awesome cuisine belt.

- Sandra Couture

Downtown Middletown's got a new chocolate shop! It replaces Sweet Smelling Savour Chocolates and, while not inexpensive, offers some tasty and innovative treats. Some of my favorites include chocolate-covered marzipan, amaretti truffles and a walnut bonbon (?) filled with almond paste and ground nuts. The proprietor makes his own tootsie rolls (they're somewhat fudge-like), marshmallows (we sampled an anise-flavored one) and has plenty of "experimental" flavors--one I tried was "Porky Porcini." I already let him know if he's gonna call it Porky, it really should include bacon. ;) I couldn't taste the truffle oil in the chocolate, but it's an interesting concept. I haven't tried many of his more creative combos as I really love the almond variations, but you'll find chocolates with all sorts of unusual spices if that's of interest! The chocolate shop is right next to Amici's on the corner of Main and Court Streets if you're looking for a sweet treat after your meal downtown.


Tschudin Chocolates
100 Riverview Center (Corner, Main & Court Streets)
Middletown, CT  06457
(860) 759-2222
email: tschocolates@gmail.com

Or TEXT your order to: (860) 759-2222
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